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The alarm hit app is for those who are lazy to wake up early in the morning. Alarm hit will be the best friend of those people who want to make their morning active, workfull, Joyful, playful and Motivated. Alarm hit provides numerous attractive waking-up features for free!

Right time to choose Alarm Hit. 

Do you have any problem waking up early in the morning? Alarm hit will make your brain active to wake up early in the morning. Alarm Hit app has the power to wake up you in the morning, whereas other alarms can't.

Our Missions

Without completing the mission you can not turn off the alarm. Alarm hit app will make your brain active to wake up in the morning.


■ Math Mission 

Shake Mission 

■ Typing Mission 

Math Mission 

Solve simple or advanced math problems that wake you up and make your brain active.

Shake Mission

Shake your phone to complete your mission. Alarm Hit provides you with three options to set shaking options Easy, Medium, or Hard.

Typing Mission

Type a motivational text message to stop the alarm and make yourself motivated.

Mission Dismiss

Dismissing alarm is the coolest part of this app. It makes user active, joyful, workful and motivated. User will wakeup with his sound active brain.

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